We need your help to make the Alameda Mini Make Faire happen!

Interested in joining the Alameda Mini Maker Faire team? Want free tickets to the Faire?  We’re looking for folks to help make this event happen.   If you volunteer with us for one shift, you’ll receive two free tickets to the event, and a small gift from our team.

Please click here to sign up.

Specific volunteer opportunities include:
  • Event preparation: Coordinate makers, put up signs, troubleshoot
  • Ticket Booth/Exits: Take tickets, collect waivers, count entry/exits
  • Information & Merch Booth: Answer questions and sell awesome stuff
  • Bike Valet: Support local cyclists by staffing the bike valet
  • Volunteer Check-in: Check-in volunteers, helping to coordinate late minute requests and questions.
  • Workshop Volunteer: Monitor workshops and learn cool stuff